Friday, June 6, 2008

More Hockey Night song stuff

Here's a summary of what I've heard about the CBC / Hockey Night song fiasco:
  • CBC claims they're still in negotations with Copyright Music & Visuals (the company who manages the copyright on behalf of the song's composer, Dolores Claman)
  • Copyright Music & Visuals claims that they received an email from CBC stating that they would not renew the contract.
  • CBC said that if they don't renew, they have plans this summer to hold a public contest to write a new theme.
  • CBC is currently being sued by Dolores Claman alleging that CBC repeatedly used the theme song in broadcasts not covered under her licence agreement and refused requests to negotiate additional fees.
  • Copyright Music & Visuals claims that resolution of the ongoing litigation is not a precondition of the new proposed licence agreement..
  • CBC says "You don't do business with someone who is suing you." While that may be true, we're not talking about a multi-million dollar contract here. This smells like CBC trying to take a little heat off their poorly thought out decision.
While change can be a good thing, I'm convinced that this change is not. The song celebrates its 40th anniversary next year. To axe the song now would be like firing someone after 40 years of dedicated service in a company.

I think CBC is missing out on a good marketing opportunity/partnership here. Maybe they're trying to use this to their advantage? "Play by OUR rules, or your song doesn't see its 40th birthday."

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