Monday, June 30, 2008

HDR Photography

New York City at night, photographed using the HDR technique.Image via WikipediaI've discovered HDR photography.

What started as a simple browsing of some awesome photos taken by Chris Paltzat, turned into browsing various photo groups on Flickr that pertain to my Canon S3 IS, which in turn brought me to an HDR photograph Flickr group.

A quick Google search revealed to me exactly what the "Autoexposure Bracket" feature on my camera is used for. My interest peaked, and another Google search told me that I have software that can do the processing, and have had it all along: Corel's Paintshop Pro X2.

Now I'm anxious to get started and find some nice scenery to shoot.

Back to Chris Paltzat's blog. I had a brief email exchange with him after I sent him a message about his photos. He's a self-taught "amateur" photographer. I hesitate to say he's an amateur, because his photos are quite impressive. But, that's what he claims to be. I asked him for tips and his advice was to read as much as I can, and he kindly referred me to a few books with two of them being highly recommended. I plan to pick both of them up as soon as I can. (Thanks again, Chris!)

If you get a chance, drop by Chris's blog -- three six six -- and have a look around. He's posting a new photo every day of the year.

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  1. That's awesome that you found Chris's site. So talented at such a young age! I have been following his Project 366 with some interest... mostly because I have zero talent for taking photos and am in awe of people who can do it well.