Thursday, June 5, 2008

The day the music died?

I came across this story about half an hour ago. I'll quote the entire thing, in case the link changes or goes missing:
CBC ending use of 'Hockey Night' song

Hockey Night in - The CBC will not be using the legendary 'Hockey Night in Canada' theme song next season after it decided not to sign a new license agreement according to the song's publisher.

The composition was written by Dolores Claman in 1968 and has become one of the longest running theme songs in broadcasting history.

According to the publisher, the CBC was offered a new license on 'virtually identical terms to those that have existed for the past decade (approximately $500 per use)' but the network has chosen to move in a new direction.

In a statement issued Wednesday, Claman said "I am saddened by the decision of the CBC to drop the Hockey Night in Canada Theme after our lengthy history together. I nevertheless respect its right to move in a new direction."
Have the decision makers at CBC lost their fuckin' minds? What kind of a "new direction" is this? Down the toilet?

If they're looking to improve anything, get rid of Bob Cole before next season. Harry Neile can go with him. I'm sure they'll save a hell of a lot more than $500 per show.

Many of the comments on the Sportsnet article say to send CBC a complaint at Whether it will make a difference, remains to be seen. I sent one anyway.

Edit: CBC actually found the balls to post the story on their own site... an hour after the story broke: Red Wings victory last outing for Hockey Night theme? There's also an online petition here, if you wish to sign it.

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  1. I heard about this on the CBC news this morning. In the history of stupid broadcast decisions, this has got to be up there with the cancelling of the original Star Trek.