Saturday, March 10, 2007

Suitable for all audiences

While watching the Sens vs Leafs game tonight on TV a Kia commercial came on.

At first it looked like the controversial one, where the lady cop is making out with a young guy in his car. This one...

Various police forces didn't like it because they claimed it was degrading. I thought it was funny. And I don't think any less of female police offers because of it. Anyway, the police got their way and KIA backed down and pulled it.

I was surprised when it came back on. I started to say to my wife, "Hey, I thought they pulled that..." and then around 5 seconds into it, just before they pan back to show the cop car, it cut to a message on the screen that said:

And now a new ending that
is suitable for all audiences.

The next thing you know, we're looking at a goat standing in a field, happily eating grass and wagging its tail. Too funny. :) I couldn't find a clip of the new commercial, but I did find this story about it.

Anyone who has seen the original commercial knows that the woman in the front seat with the guy is a cop.

It'll be interesting to see if the police forces complain about it again.

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