Friday, March 9, 2007

My visit to the Dentist

My dental appointment went a little better than I expected.

First of all, I no longer have the same hygienist. It seems that she no longer works there. :(

The one who cleaned my teeth today appears to be a temporary one, picking up the other ones appointments. She said that they're in the process of hiring a new hygienist, so she said she doesn't know who I'll get in September when I go back.

I told her about my sensitive gums near one of my molars. She had a look at it and said it did look a little inflamed. She took an x-ray of it and showed it to me on the computer in the room. The tooth itself looks good, and so does the root. But the gumline around it is lower than the gum line around neighbouring teeth. She called it "bone loss". I guess my jaw bone is wearing away? I dunno.

After the cleaning, the dentist came in to have a look at my teeth and said the same thing. I didn't think at the time, but I should have asked if the occasional pain I have with my gums around the will clear up on its own. It's more of a nuisance if I'm not careful when I eat.

I will have to go back in two weeks though. The dentist also noticed that the filling on the tooth beside was chipped or cracked. Greeeeaaaaaaaat. :(

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