Monday, March 19, 2007

Reasonable shipping rates?

I was browsing around and found something that I wanted. It was $6.99 USD. I filled out the "Country" for the estimated shipping to Canada... $20.48?!?!

And that was the cheapest option, using DHL Express Intl. The other option was UPS Express at $23.73.

Their "Shipping Info" page states:
"We have chosen DHL and UPS as the carriers for our International orders. They both offer reasonable shipping rates (compared to other express carriers) and fast delivery times. We do not use the Post Office for International orders because they do not offer a suitable package tracking system."
$20 shipping on a $7 item is reasonable?

I recently ordered a canvas messenger bag from that cost me $16 for the bag, and the S&H was $15. Not a great deal less, but $31 overall for a bag that I couldn't find locally didn't bother me. Plus, the weight of this package was far greater than this $7 item.

I realize that they don't set their own shipping rates, but surely they could find a cheaper shipping alternative for smaller "International orders" so we don't get screwed?

Speaking of getting screwed... UPS has a history of screwing us with their "brokerage fees" as well. For that very reason, I won't buy anything from any company in he U.S. that uses UPS as the only shipping option.

You have to wonder how many sales, like mine, are lost due to the outrageous shipping charges. And isn't the only business that has lost my sale because of it.

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