Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Traffic Line Jumpers

I have to rant, because this really pisses me off.

When I drive my wife to work in the morning, we have to take a major highway and exit on the road where her work place is located. On some mornings, that exit ramp can be quite backed up, sometimes to the point where most of the traffic is sitting on the paved shoulder of the highway as everyone waits their turn to exit. Well, almost everyone.

Some people seem to think that they're special. So special, in fact, that they are allowed to drive past the long line-up of cars and then butt in right at the exit. It's not like they can't see that there's a long line of cars waiting to exit the highway.

And there are repeat offenders too! On a few occasions, we've seen the same cars doing this time and time again.

These assholes should consider themselves lucky. I'm just waiting for the morning that I'm right at the exit, and one of them tries to butt into the line ahead of me. So far, I haven't been so fortunate.

Then there are those who feel that they've waited in line long enough. This is a single lane exit ramp with a rather large paved shoulder. Once in a while other assholes will drive up along the shoulder, past everyone waiting and they'll do one of two things.
  1. Try to merge further up the line where most of the vehicles are turning right along a right bend.
  2. Drive up the left turn lane and make an illegal right turn.
#2 appears to be the most popular. Click the picture to see what I mean.

I pray for the morning where there's a cop sitting in his/her car on the small paved island, unseen by the oncoming a-holes, and then lets see if they have the balls to make that illegal right turn.

WTF makes these people think that they're so special? I'm sure that everyone is in rush to get to work. All these assholes are doing is slowing down the rest of us who are patiently waiting our turn.

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