Sunday, February 4, 2007

Ready When Promised

Or so LensCrafters claims.

"Just tell us what's convenient and your glasses will be ready when promised. LensCrafters has provided one-hour service since 1983*. Some prescriptions or lens materials may require additional time."

*One-hour service available in most locations.

I'm still waiting for my new glasses. Tomorrow will be 7 days of waiting.

I can see so-so using my driving glasses, but reading a newspaper is damn near impossible without holding it far away from my eyes. Using the computer isn't as bad, but I can feel my eyes getting tired after a few hours.

In their defence, they did warn me what it would take a few days because two of their three machines kept "going down". I told them that it wasn't a problem. I guess that was my mistake.

My wife called them last Thursday(?) to inquire about a time frame. They told her that the machines all came back up, but then went down again. They couldn't give her an estimate of when they'd be ready. She asked them if I could cancel, if I wanted to. They said yes.

I'm a fairly patient and understanding guy. I know things go wrong. My wife has very little patience and told me last week that I should cancel it and go somewhere else. But 7 days is just about my limit here.

I tried calling them earlier, but they weren't open yet. They open at noon, apparently. We'll see what they say. I surely can't be the only person waiting.

I think tomorrow evening will be the deadline I ask for. What sucks about canceling is that I'll still have to go somewhere else and wait yet again, possibly even a few days.

Regardless, I'm going to need to know when they'll be ready. If they can't give me any time frame, or if it's more than a couple of days, then I'll have no choice but to cancel and take my chances elsewhere.

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