Thursday, February 15, 2007


I recorded LOST last night while I listened to the hockey game on the net. After the game, and after my wife had finished watching her show, she went to bed and I watched LOST. I asked her if she was going to stay up and watch it with me, but she was too tired.

Anyway, after LOST was over, I checked out the listing on our PVR to see what else I had recorded over the last week. I usually record all of the CSI's, Cold Case, Criminal Minds, 24, and Heroes as well. There was the last episode of Criminal Minds. So I started watching it.

Now it seems that in the last year or so, it can take me 2-3 hours to watch a 1 hour show. Why? Because I keep falling asleep. If it's not packed with action from start to finish, I tend to doze off. The funny thing is, I don't remember even feeling tired. It's like a switch in my head shuts off, and I'm out.

Then I'll wake up, realize that I missed some of the show, rewind it to where I last remember watching, and then the entire process repeats again a few minutes later. My mind keeps saying "Hey, you're not tired enough to go to bed. Rewind that baby, and finish watching it." And I feel like I'm wide awake after the quick snooze too, so I do stay up and try to continue watching it.

I don't fall asleep any other time of the day, just while watching TV. So it's not like I doze off while driving the car or something.

When I was younger, I remember times when I was feeling tired and fighting to stay awake while watching some movie on the TV. But the difference is that I was able to stay awake, not matter how tired I was.

Not anymore.

*CLICK* and I'm out.

I'm not even getting any hints from my body that I'm about to fall asleep.

*CLICK* ZZzzzz.....

No advance warning, sorry.


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