Friday, February 9, 2007

Got my glasses... FINALLY

My wife called LensCrafters today to find out of my glasses were ready. Surprise -- they were. She asked if I would receive any kind of discount for the inconvenience of waiting so long. The manager asked her what she had in mind. So my wife asked if they had any specials on right now that they didn't have when we originally went in. She said they did. A coupon online that I could print out to get 50% of the lenses. She said if I brought that in, they would honour it.

Sweet. Or so I thought.

As it turned out, the coupon cannot be used with other specials. Like the 20% discount I got because it'll be going through my health insurance. So I was left with a puzzle. 50% off $130 lenses, or 20% off the total cost (frames were around $145). In the end, I saved a whopping $9.01 cent over what I paid using the 20% off total cost.

I guess the important thing is that I finally have reading glasses again. No more struggling to read the newspaper in the morning.

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