Thursday, March 18, 2010

Home reno 101

I don’t consider myself to be a contender for Canada’s Worst Handyman, but I am also far from being a home renovation expert.

I always get nervous when trying new reno projects for the first time. 99% of the time, they go well, but there’s always that 1% taunting me that I’ll mess it up.

We’ve been doing a main floor reno since January. What started off as simply “replacing this old carpet” has turned into…

  • removing carpet from all stairs, sanding, staining and finishing steps (done)
  • installing ceramic tiles on the risers (done)
  • repainting the stair stringers (done)
  • removing all baseboards on the main floor, stair landings and upstairs hall (done)
  • repainting the upstairs hall, stairs case walls – upper and lower – living room and dining area (done)
  • removing carpet in the living room and dining area and replacing it with laminate flooring, including a ½" plywood subfloor
  • removing old laminate floor in entrance, kitchen and ½ bathroom and installing porcelain floor tile, also including a ½" subfloor and removal of old vanity
  • installation of new baseboard throughout all affected areas
  • possibly installing crown moulding in living room and dining area

The two parts of this project that I have never “experienced” are:

  • Gutting a bathroom and installing a new vanity and sink, including the removal and reinstall of a toilet and cutting pipe copper pipe
  • Installing porcelain floor tiles

The vanity happens to be the original vanity installed back when this townhouse was built in the 1970s. It has no shutoff valves on the plumbing underneath the sink. Thankfully the toilet appears to be newer and does have a shutoff valve installed, so that’s one less thing to do (or screw up)

I’ll be taking the easier route and won’t be welding any pipe once I cut the old ones. I have the braided hose with pressure fittings and shutoff valves. One day I’ll take on the welding task, but for now, easy is key for me.

Wish me luck.

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