Friday, July 18, 2008

Hockey Scores?

With 1200 entries received for CBC's "Hockey Night In Canada Theme" contest, this entry -- "Hockey Scores!" -- is the most viewed and most voted entry:

Clearly, HNIC fans are still upset about CBC dropping the ball on the old theme, losing it to TSN.

According to this article, having the most votes does not guarantee a win for the entry.
The "ratings," "recommendations" and "most viewed" portions of the contest website are just some of the factors judges will consider when selecting the contest semi-finalists, who will be presented to the country and judged by a celebrity panel on a CBC network television special on Oct. 4.
It sure would have been funny though. :)
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  1. Hehe! I don't think it's that good. ;)

  2. Just Google-Image "Voice of Fire" and play the tune in the background. These two go well together. Your mind will become warped.

    If I had a million dollars, I'd buy me a crack-baby...and some sheep.