Saturday, June 7, 2008

Paint Chips Follow-up

A quick update to my Paint Chips posting.

My wife took the truck to the For dealerership during the week. The warranty on the paint is 3yr/60,000kms. They have to order some part(?) first and will call us to set up a service appointment once it's in.

No definite word on exactly what they're going to do.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Deal to keep Hockey Night theme song falls through

What a load of crap.

Negotiations to keep the Hockey Night in Canada theme song have collapsed, meaning the CBC program is now in search of another anthem.

Copyright Music & Visuals, the Toronto agency representing the song's composer, Dolores Claman, said on Friday that the deal had fallen through.

That news came as a surprise to the CBC, said Scott Moore, executive director of CBC Sports.

"We're disappointed, as many Canadians are," Moore said, adding he found out about the deal falling through from CBC News.

"We have no real idea why the deal fell apart," he said. "We're not sure why because the other side hasn't communicated with us.

"You have to ask the other side what happened."

Copyright Music & Visuals said it had offered the public broadcaster a chance to renew its licence to use Claman's song — a staple on HNIC since 1968 — on terms that were "virtually identical to those that have existed for the past decade."

Previously, each use of the song cost the CBC about $500, the agency said.

After the first two years of a new agreement, the rates would rise about 15 per cent, an increase Copyright Music & Visuals president John Ciccone called an industry standard.

"We offered to continue paying the richest licence fee in Canadian television, which was the price they asked for," said Moore. "We also offered to buy it outright for a high six-figure sum."

A call made to Ciccone by was not returned Friday.

Claman, who has written about 2,000 jingles over her career, is also credited with the Ontario theme A Place to Stand, which she co-wrote with her husband, Richard Morris, in 1967.

Contest for new theme in works

Moore said Friday the two sides had agreed upon a price, but added an "unfortunate set of circumstances," including an outstanding lawsuit, hovered over negotiations.

A lawsuit filed against the CBC in late 2004 by the composer alleges that the broadcaster was overusing the Hockey Night in Canada theme and has not been settled. Copyright Music & Visuals said the litigation hasn't interfered with the CBC's use of music, nor was settlement of the suit a condition for the proposed new licensing agreement.

"We really can't do business with a lawsuit hanging over our heads," Moore said. "We feel that we've done everything we possibly can."

CBC Sports will now move on and launch a new national contest in conjunction with Nettwerk Music Group to find a new theme song, he said. Canadians will be invited to write and record an original song for Hockey Night in Canada, with fans and a jury of experts choosing the best new composition.

The winner will receive $100,000 and proceeds from any royalties will go to minor hockey across the country. More details on the contest will be revealed in the next week.

"We expect a lot of terrific music, and we expect that the new theme for Hockey Night in Canada will be as iconic as the last two themes have been," Moore said.

Earlier on Friday, Liberal heritage critic Denis Coderre told reporters in Ottawa that Conservative Heritage Minister Josée Verner must defend one of Canada's most famous musical traditions and do everything possible to ensure the CBC continues to broadcast the theme.

"The Hockey Night in Canada theme is a part of Canada's culture that goes beyond sport," Coderre said. "If the minister wants to show that she cares about Canadian heritage, this is her chance."

This is disappointing, but I'm not too surprised. I don't believe that the CBC went back into negotiations in good faith. The only reason they did it was an attempt to make the public think that they cared. They keep bring up the outstanding litigation "hovering over our heads", when the other side said it has no affect on the terms on the proposed contract.

This sucks.

And now they'll no doubt spend a bundle on promoting the contest to find a new theme.

I feel sorry for the person who wins because I can't see the public accepting it.
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More Hockey Night song stuff

Here's a summary of what I've heard about the CBC / Hockey Night song fiasco:
  • CBC claims they're still in negotations with Copyright Music & Visuals (the company who manages the copyright on behalf of the song's composer, Dolores Claman)
  • Copyright Music & Visuals claims that they received an email from CBC stating that they would not renew the contract.
  • CBC said that if they don't renew, they have plans this summer to hold a public contest to write a new theme.
  • CBC is currently being sued by Dolores Claman alleging that CBC repeatedly used the theme song in broadcasts not covered under her licence agreement and refused requests to negotiate additional fees.
  • Copyright Music & Visuals claims that resolution of the ongoing litigation is not a precondition of the new proposed licence agreement..
  • CBC says "You don't do business with someone who is suing you." While that may be true, we're not talking about a multi-million dollar contract here. This smells like CBC trying to take a little heat off their poorly thought out decision.
While change can be a good thing, I'm convinced that this change is not. The song celebrates its 40th anniversary next year. To axe the song now would be like firing someone after 40 years of dedicated service in a company.

I think CBC is missing out on a good marketing opportunity/partnership here. Maybe they're trying to use this to their advantage? "Play by OUR rules, or your song doesn't see its 40th birthday."

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National Doughnut Day

Doughnuts being deep friedIf you're the type of person who needs an excuse to indulge in these doughy treats, today is your day.
National Doughnut Day

National Doughnut Day was established in 1938 by the Chicago Salvation Army to raise much-needed funds during the Great Depression, and to honor the work of World War I Salvation Army volunteers who prepared doughnuts and other foods for thousands of soldiers.
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Driving Your Business Into The Ground - Lesson 1

Looks to me like "Nathaniels" owner, Dan Hilliard, may soon discover that he wrote the the first lesson: Waitress loses job after shaving head for cancer charity
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Thursday, June 5, 2008

The day the music died?

I came across this story about half an hour ago. I'll quote the entire thing, in case the link changes or goes missing:
CBC ending use of 'Hockey Night' song

Hockey Night in - The CBC will not be using the legendary 'Hockey Night in Canada' theme song next season after it decided not to sign a new license agreement according to the song's publisher.

The composition was written by Dolores Claman in 1968 and has become one of the longest running theme songs in broadcasting history.

According to the publisher, the CBC was offered a new license on 'virtually identical terms to those that have existed for the past decade (approximately $500 per use)' but the network has chosen to move in a new direction.

In a statement issued Wednesday, Claman said "I am saddened by the decision of the CBC to drop the Hockey Night in Canada Theme after our lengthy history together. I nevertheless respect its right to move in a new direction."
Have the decision makers at CBC lost their fuckin' minds? What kind of a "new direction" is this? Down the toilet?

If they're looking to improve anything, get rid of Bob Cole before next season. Harry Neile can go with him. I'm sure they'll save a hell of a lot more than $500 per show.

Many of the comments on the Sportsnet article say to send CBC a complaint at Whether it will make a difference, remains to be seen. I sent one anyway.

Edit: CBC actually found the balls to post the story on their own site... an hour after the story broke: Red Wings victory last outing for Hockey Night theme? There's also an online petition here, if you wish to sign it.

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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Help me make cancer history - Pledge me?

My last call for pledges! Here's the scoop...
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I will be participating as a member of the Team W.T.F. (Walk To Fight) team, in the Orleans event on June 20th, 2008.

Why I Relay
I am doing this in memory of my Father whom I lost to cancer in December 1998, and a friend in February of this year. 12 hours of my time and your pledges can make a difference.

Help me reach my goal
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