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Sunday, May 29, 2011

7/52 — No more

In my last 7/52 post, I mentioned that it could be my last.

It was.

I didn't take any photos at all this past week. My only option to keep it going would be to find something, somewhere, in my house to shoot throughout the course of the day. I'm not in a very creative mood today, so the selection of photos I would likely end up with would be crap.

Soooo... that's it, for now. If I come across any interesting shots, I'll definitely shoot and post it, but they are no longer part of the 7/52 project, sorry.

Monday, May 23, 2011

7/52 — Week 20

I'm beginning to tire of this project. It feels too forced sometimes trying to come up with 7 shots to post. It feels like a chore and I don't like that.

Having said that, I didn't have any trouble coming up with 7 shots for this week. This may be the last though. I will, however, continue to post anything interesting that I happen to shoot. We'll see.

One of my co-workers has dead tulips on her desk. One morning I happened to see them and thought they looked pretty cool. I liked the colours.

It was my daughter's 13th Birthday last Monday. Scary. :)

While cleaning up the flower bed and planting a few new flowers this spring, I noticed the ants were out in full force, feasting on the sweet nectar of the peony buds.

I went for another bike ride this weekend with my son.  I was hoping to spot the trilliums along the bike paths and was not disappointed.

And last, but not least, my usual model. It's strange to find her lying out on the open floor, but it was a little warmer in the house than usual and I guess the cool floor was the answer.


Sunday, May 15, 2011

7/52 — Week 19

I didn't shoot any photos all week. The weekend was mostly crap, weatherwise.  When I went cycling today, I brought along my trusty S3 IS again and managed to play a little catch up.

This is the new Ottawa Convention Centre. It wasn't a very good shooting angle, but photography wasn't my point of going out today. This just happened to be along my route.

This was my intended destination, where I work. I didn't have to work; I went there to see how long it would actually take me to ride there on my bike.

On the way back, I decided to stop a few times and shoot in Chinatown on Somerset. These kids were drawing on the sidewalk with chalk. A few people were stopping to take pictures. I stopped on the other side of the road to shoot mine.

Ever since the archway went up in Chinatown, I've been meaning to take a picture of it. Today, I shot a few. :)


Monday, May 2, 2011

7/52 — Week 17

It was a really nice weekend, weather-wise, and I didn't get out much for shooting. :( I did, however, spend time outside... just not with my camera.

I discoved this little guy hanging outside my window at work, on the 3rd floor. It rained the next day and he was gone. Not sure if he's just hiding, or the rain and wind took him away.

One of my DailyShoot contributions for the week. The theme had to do with depicting a choice.

My sister got new dresses at her shop and needed photos taken so we could put them up on her web site. This is one of them.

One of a few new visitors to our backyard. They don't seem to like landing on the hanging feeder. Instead, they choose to eat the seeds that fall on the ground. I wish they'd eat faster because there's a huge mess on the ground. ;) I'm not sure what kind of bird this is. They spook a lot more easily than any of the others.

I weeded the flower bed this weekend. This is one of the many hostas that I have growing.

We went out to buy our son a new bike since he has outgrown his last one. After putting air in the tires, I figured I might as well do all of our bikes. Once my bike was ready to go, I had no excuse and took it for a ride out to Petrie Island and back. That wasn't the plan, but the further I rode, the further I wanted to ride. 31.2 kms in total. Not bad for my first ride of the season. I may have to try riding out to Rockland again as I did a few years ago. Anyway, this is the hub of my front wheel.

And a reflector from the same wheel.

It's too bad there's no easy way to bring my camera with me when I got riding. There were a few nice photo opportunities that I missed out on. I may have to settle for bring my old S3 IS instead.


Sunday, April 24, 2011

7/52 — Week 16

More birds, no cats, and signs of spring.

I shot this from my truck while waiting for my wife at Giant Tiger and Shoppers City East. You see this every once in a while and there's no clear explanation for it. If you Google "shoes hanging from wires" you'll find a whole bunch of theories. One blogger pretty much summed it up: "So there you have it. It's either a harmless prank, a rite of passage, or a sign of the end of civilization. You figure it out." :)

The finches are becoming more and more trusting. Yes, there's a pane of glass between where I stand and the feeder, but they hardly pay any attention to me now when I walk up to the window to watch or photograph them.

The finches were out in full force this weekend, and emptied the feeder twice. I tried to catch them in flight coming and going.

No flowers yet, but the lily bulbs began sprouting in the last two weeks.

The peonies have sprouted and reach for the sun.

Stop. Click the photo if you don't know what it is.

A sure sign of spring at our house; I put our patio table and chairs out on our small front patio. All it needs is a nice cold beer sitting on it. :)


Sunday, April 17, 2011

7/52 — Week 15

A somewhat disrupted week, but I managed to pull through with some photos anyway. Mind you, a tad repetitive. The sight of pizza makes up for it, I'm sure. Here we go...

The first, and only, DailyShoot assignment photo this week. I sooo love this game, but I usually play the bass more than the drums.
It was our homemade pizza night. Our kids like to keep it simple: pepperoni and cheese. That's it, that's all.
My wife and I like pepperoni, mushroom and hot pepper. If you've never tried it, you HAVE TO. Even if you're not a big fan of hot peppers, they really make it yummy, and they're not as hot as you might think.
From food, to birds. The feeder is right outside our living room window and they're fun to watch. This weekend we had more birds than I've ever seen. I think this is a female yellow finch. (Update: According to someone on Flickr, this is an "American Goldfinch that's still hanging onto its winter plumage")
I don't know what these are. I thought maybe some kind of finch, but searching the bird web sites turned up nothing that looked close. (Update: Again, according to someone on Flickr, these are "Common Redpolls")
These are my favourite, and from what I could find, they are yellow finches.
The birds tend to make a big mess on the patio, and this time they decided to clean (or attempt to) their own mess. My son said the photo makes them look like cock roaches. They drove my cat crazy.
As a bonus, you get to see my cat talking to them. :)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

7/52 — Week 14

Without further ado... a whole bunch of 100mm shots, except for one.

A DailyShoot submission, and I really like this one. It turned out better than I expected. It did, however, require a bunch of small touch-ups with Digital Photo Professional's stamp tool to remove a plethora of dust specs. It does a great job.

The second of the two DailyShoot submissions for this past week. I like it as well, almost as much as I like my 100mm lens.

What would a week of my 7/52 be like without a shot of my 'ol kitty. She slept on the couch beside me on Saturday afternoon while I watched hockey on the TV.

This evening I decided to shoot different foods at 100mm to see how well it would work with no special lighting. First up... Bread.

Strawberry wheaty things. Didn't turn out as well as I would have liked. I couldn't get the lighting/exposure just the way I wanted in post-processing. Although, to be perfectly honest, I didn't have much patience to tweak it more.

Cocoa. And ya know something... it's unsweetened, as I found out when I got some on my finger. Blech. :)

My favourite of the evening. The lighting and detail are just right, I think.


Sunday, March 27, 2011

7/52 — Week 12

A slow week, but here goes.

Day 6 of my avocado seed. Not much change.

On March 21st, we got a somewhat freak snowstorm. It was all pretty much gone the next day.

On Saturday, we observed Earth Hour and turned off all our lights for an hour. My son was playing around with his flash light, so I got my camera out and snapped a dozen or so shots.

Some of our candles during Earth Hour.

My son goes back to reading for the rest of the hour.

I was looking for a new profile photo for Facebook and other social networking sites. This was my fav.

I needed a seventh photo to complete this week. This is a clock I made that hangs about my computer. :)

That's all for this week!


Sunday, March 20, 2011

7/52 — Week 11

The first photo this week is one that I took for a DailyShoot and ended up choosing another one. I think this one might actually be nicer. I didn't choose it because it had less green for the assignment.

I'm attempting to grow an avocado plant at work. This was day 1.

A DailyShoot assignment where my hand had to be in the photo. It was tricky to shoot. Holding and operating a camera with my left hand was not easy. :)

My sister got some new bridal gowns in her shop and asked me to shoot photos of them for her web site. My family and I visited the shop on Friday and her infant son was there. This is my wife holding him beside a large mirror so he could see himself. :)

My favourite dress from the shoot.

Shooting dresses on a mannequin involves a lot of waiting, while my sister and my wife change it... or her? 2-3 seconds to snap the shot, 3-5 minutes waiting. While I waited, I looked around and saw one of the mannequin's hands in the sunlight in the front window. I liked how the light fell on it, so I had to shoot it. I really like this one.

Grapes! I ate a lot of these today.