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Sunday, April 17, 2011

7/52 — Week 15

A somewhat disrupted week, but I managed to pull through with some photos anyway. Mind you, a tad repetitive. The sight of pizza makes up for it, I'm sure. Here we go...

The first, and only, DailyShoot assignment photo this week. I sooo love this game, but I usually play the bass more than the drums.
It was our homemade pizza night. Our kids like to keep it simple: pepperoni and cheese. That's it, that's all.
My wife and I like pepperoni, mushroom and hot pepper. If you've never tried it, you HAVE TO. Even if you're not a big fan of hot peppers, they really make it yummy, and they're not as hot as you might think.
From food, to birds. The feeder is right outside our living room window and they're fun to watch. This weekend we had more birds than I've ever seen. I think this is a female yellow finch. (Update: According to someone on Flickr, this is an "American Goldfinch that's still hanging onto its winter plumage")
I don't know what these are. I thought maybe some kind of finch, but searching the bird web sites turned up nothing that looked close. (Update: Again, according to someone on Flickr, these are "Common Redpolls")
These are my favourite, and from what I could find, they are yellow finches.
The birds tend to make a big mess on the patio, and this time they decided to clean (or attempt to) their own mess. My son said the photo makes them look like cock roaches. They drove my cat crazy.
As a bonus, you get to see my cat talking to them. :)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Week 49 - Hot Dog

Week 49 - Hot Dog, originally uploaded by Twister65.

I threw this shot together quickly for The DailyShoot earlier this week. The assignment was to take a picture of food (duh). I nearly forgot until after we were finished eating supper. As luck would have it, there was a lone hot dog left in the pot.

It was barely warm, but good enough to use for the shot. I don't normally dress my hot dogs up this much; I tend to keep it simple and just put mustard on them. But, as I noted in the comments of the photo, I needed more colour.

I fired off four of five shots before putting the hot dog out of its misery (I ate it) :)

Apparently this month is National Hot Dog Month in the U.S. and tomorrow is National Hot Dog Day.

It is/was a coincidence.