Sunday, March 20, 2011

7/52 — Week 11

The first photo this week is one that I took for a DailyShoot and ended up choosing another one. I think this one might actually be nicer. I didn't choose it because it had less green for the assignment.

I'm attempting to grow an avocado plant at work. This was day 1.

A DailyShoot assignment where my hand had to be in the photo. It was tricky to shoot. Holding and operating a camera with my left hand was not easy. :)

My sister got some new bridal gowns in her shop and asked me to shoot photos of them for her web site. My family and I visited the shop on Friday and her infant son was there. This is my wife holding him beside a large mirror so he could see himself. :)

My favourite dress from the shoot.

Shooting dresses on a mannequin involves a lot of waiting, while my sister and my wife change it... or her? 2-3 seconds to snap the shot, 3-5 minutes waiting. While I waited, I looked around and saw one of the mannequin's hands in the sunlight in the front window. I liked how the light fell on it, so I had to shoot it. I really like this one.

Grapes! I ate a lot of these today.


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