Sunday, April 3, 2011

7/52 — Week 13

A DailyShoot photo. I borrowed the subject matter from a friend, posed it, and shot it. I converted it to monochrome and gave it a bit of a tint.

Another DailyShoot photo. The theme was "metal". I had difficulty focusing, probably because I shot it at f/2.8.

The DailyShoot topic for this one was... orange. Duh. I fired off a half dozen or so until getting this one. The others are pretty good as well, but not as "dominated by orange" as this one was.

Here's one of the reshot photos previously mentioned. This one is at f/11. It has better focus on them mug, but I find the background a little distracting from the subject matter.

Day 17 of my attempt to grow an avacado plant.

I'm trying a second seed as well. :)

Probably one of my favourite shots of the week... a DailyShoot that didn't make the cut for "orange".


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