Monday, March 14, 2011

7/52 — Week 10

I lost track of time, so my posting is a bit late. :)

Once again, I ended up short for photos this week. I decided to walk around my house and look for some of my favourite things to add to the shots. Not so creative in some cases. Anyway, here we go...

First, a DailyShoot contribution from earlier in the week. As it turns out, this is also one of my favourite things. I love this stuff.

Next, another DailyShoot contribution. Ice, in a glass of water. It didn't quite look the way I wanted, so I added a bit of a blue tint to it during the post processing.

What would a week be like without a shot of my cat. :) My son was holding her and I was trying to get a close-up of her eyes. She doesn't like cameras invading her space, so she kept looking away. This was one of the best I could do.

On to my favourite things. My Sens jersey. We won't talk about how the season went.

My Rock Band guitar. It's also an addiction.

I love my 100mm lens.

We'll end off with today's DailyShoot contribution.


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