Sunday, February 13, 2011

7/52 — Week 6

Most of my photos for this week were taken while I tested out my tripod, inverting the center column and then attaching my camera upside down to shoot pics of whatever I placed underneath it. I was hoping to find some interesting things to shoot with my macro, but ended up not taking as many with it.

But first...

Tuesday, February 8th was Do It For Daron day. I wore purple to help raise awarenes for the cause.

This one is my favourite for the week and is one of my DailyShoot photos. It's looking side my drink bottle, which was pressed up against the end of my 100mm lens.

The first of my test shots. It's a Canadian Dollar (aka Loonie), with the Ottawa Senators logo on it.

Looking into my 18-200mm lens using my 100mm lens.

I have a canvas print hanging on the wall behind our bar in the basement. I didn't make it, but I got it from work years ago when they were getting rid of a whole bunch of them. It's a 3D rendered scene of a game of chess — a checkmate — but there's a sword laying on the board beside the fallen king. It's kinda cool. The print isn't the best quality though, as you'll see in this next shot where you can see the half-tone dots. :)

And this is the same picture, panned back a little.

The last shot — the underside of a glass. All that black is the reflection of the camera I guess. It's pretty cool though.


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