Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Photo Project

I've been toying with the idea of starting a new Project 52, but the fact that I've already done it sort of makes it seem "ho hum". I'm fairly certain that I couldn't handle a Project 365. It takes more commitment than I think I have and I've seen more than a few fail after a few months.

While reading about the return of DaniGirl's Project 365 on her blog, I read a suggestion in the comments about doing a "7/52".

A quick Google search later and I discovered that this might be something I could handle; post 7 photos per week, for 52 weeks. The photos can be taken all in one day, over a couple, or even daily. The only "rule" is that it's 7 photos per week. During my Project 52, on more than one occasion, I had to choose one from many. This makes me a little more confident that this idea could succeed.

Since this is the first full week of the new year and I have half a week to decide. :)

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