Thursday, January 7, 2010

Beige? White? Hot pink?

At some point this afternoon, Facebook statuses started appearing with a single word. That word was a colour. Any colour.

I was puzzled. What’s with all the status colours?

I did a little searching and found the reason.

Women on Facebook were changing their status to the colour of bra they were wearing to raise awareness for Breast Cancer.

Cute. Fun. Many status comments were hilarious. Some guys had fun with it, posting the colour of their underwear. Or the fictitious bra they were wearing to hold their “moobs”.

Some other guys, like me, were puzzled. And some, when they found out what it was for, thought it was “useless”, or “retarded”. They said that it did nothing. It was no different than a chain letter.

I questioned this.

How could this be useless?

They asked what it was for. I knew, and I told them. By asking what it was for, they proved that it worked. It raised awareness.

The debate began.

I argued that it’s comparable to… wearing a pink ribbon. Or, wearing a poppy. Neither of those is a waste of time. They both serve a purpose. They raise awareness.

It was said that those two are different because they raise money for charities.

True, they do, but by us wearing them they also RAISE AWARENESS for those charities. What other purpose do they serve? A thank you? Sure. If you want to say that their sole purpose is to raise money, then wouldn’t it be a better idea to take the money spent on those little ribbons and use the money for the charity?

Perhaps. In fact, I could argue that a Facebook status is better than a ribbon, or a poppy because it costs nothing.

It is impossible for a charity to raise money without raising awareness first. If you know how, speak up. I’m sure they’d love to hear it.

By giving you something in return for your donation, and you wearing it, you are helping to raise awareness so more donations come in.

It’s silly to think that nobody has ever heard of breast cancer.   But awareness isn’t just about telling you something you’ve never heard of.  It’s about making you think about it, regardless of whether you’ve heard about it before.

I really makes me sad to think that some people think it was a dumb idea. A waste of time. That it served no purpose.

If one person made a donation as a result of those “useless” and “retarded” bra colour status, then wasn’t it worth the effort? Did it not raise awareness?

I proved that it worked. I made donation this evening to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.

Donation Confirmation

I now challenge you to do the same. Doing nothing is useless.

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  1. This is spreading now. Join in :)

    FW: Just a fun payback

    So the women post bra colors and won't explain to guys. I mean Breast Cancer Awareness is a good cause, so share the info ladies. So now, Payback time? After some minds thought for about 2 minutes, it was thought for the guys to post their age of when they learned to ride a bike only as their status . Do not put anything but a number of how old you were when you learned to ride. (eg 8) Do not share the reason for this with any female, or comment on any post as to why, only spread the reason through Facebook email to other guys.

    Please copy this and send it to ONLY your Facebook friends that are guys!

    We'll teach them girlz!

  2. I didn't realize the colours were a secret -- I had no problem finding out the reason. :)

    Unfortunately, the number idea could have two meanings now. One of those who thought the colour idea was useless had suggested posting a number to represent the number of times you took a crap in a week to raise awareness of rectal cancer.

  3. The apparent dual-meaning of the number is what makes it amusing, and the similarity of number range to "other things" is what makes people raise an eyebrow ;)