Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Bucket List — updated

I was looking through old postings on my blog and came across one titled "Bucket List".

It was basically a list of things I wanted to do in life. I realized that I have completed at least two of them, and I'm on my way to completing a third. This was the list:

  1. Weigh 200lbs or less (target = summer)
  2. Quit smoking (already in progress -- if I can go 2 months, I'll consider it done)
  3. Visit the UK (where I was born, and where my cousins, aunts, and uncles live)
  4. Visit my Dad's grave site in Louisiana.
  5. Own a Ford Mustang. :D
  6. Visit every province in Canada (6 to go... not including the territories)
  7. Cycle 1000kms in one year (this may not seem like much to some people, but considering I tend to cycle once per weekend, in spring & summer only, that's about 80kms per weekend -- double what I usually ride...)
I thought I had updated it at one time but can't find the posting right now. Anyway, it's time for an update! :)

  1. Weigh 200lbs or less — As this was posted in 2009, I didn't make the summer target. It's unlikely I'll make the target this summer either, but I'm well on my way as you can see in other postings. :)
  2. Quit smokingDone. Done years ago. I made it past the 2 month mark and kept going.
  3. Visit the UK — Still to do.
  4. Visit my Dad's grave site in Louisiana — Still to do.
  5. Own a Ford Mustang — Probably a long way away from getting this one done. :)
  6. Visit every province in Canada — Yeh, still to do.
  7. Cycle 1000kms in one yearI had completely forgotten about this one, but as a matter of fact, I'm almost at 1400kms for this summer and I expect to break 2000kms before the end of the summer, easily. :)
I think I need a few more items added to the bucket list.

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