Thursday, July 23, 2009

Open message to Scott Paterson (not myself)

You are using MY email address.

I've had for a long time, and Google treats (which you are using) the same as my email address. In fact, Google also considers (, ( and any variation with a period anywhere in the name to be the same address.

As a result of this, your internet purchase receipts and account information is being sent to my email address. Whenever you create an account somewhere using, I get the confirmation.
I wonder if this other Scott Paterson finds it at all strange that they never receive a receipt for their purchases?

How can they even read their email? If I visit, I can log in with my user id and password, and it's all my email that I can read. I know that is for UK based users only. Is this other Scott Paterson seeing a different account when they log in from within the U.K.?

I might be able to get a phone number for this guy from their latest account creation. Anyone in the U.K. feel like calling them and explaining this to them?
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