Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Inside the head of a fairweather fan

I think I finally figured out what makes a fairweather fan tick.

They are what they are because:

  1. They can't stand being wrong.
  2. They can't stand people taking jabs at them for supporting their team, despite their losses.
So, what do they do?

They abandon the team before it's over so they can take comfort in saying "Yeh, I knew that was gonna happen."

That's their gratification.

Good god people... grow a spine!

Who the cares if you were wrong? Who cares if you supported your team and they lost?

Take some pride in sticking with the team every year, despite the outcomes, because when our time finally comes -- and it will -- it's going to be fuckin' amazing. A hell of a lot better than what you get from cowering every year to a little ribbing from rival fans and naysayers.

On a different note... Lindy Ruff tried to motivate his Buffalo Sabres last year:
"Approximately every 33 years something great happens in this league, and we're at about that 33-year range where something great is bound to happen. So we've told (Buffalo players) we're on the verge of greatness."
He's referring to the Leafs in 1942 and the Islanders in 1975. Unfortunately for Lindy and the Sabres, last year was year 32. This is year 33.

The last time a team came back from 3-0 to win a series was in 1975 when the Pittsburgh Penguins were up 3-0 over the Islanders. Only to lose the series 4-3.

Is it a long shot for the Sens? Sure is. I'll bet the Islanders were thinking the same thing back in 1975.

All it takes is a little hope and a little faith.

(Yeh... this is a double post... I mixed up the "bandwagon" and "fairweather" terms -- too much beering. So I killed the old, and posted the new.)

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