Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Are we having fun yet?

Speaking of packed places...


No, not druggies. These people are paid to pack as many people into the trains as possible.

The next time you have to ride on a packed bus, or train, remember these poor souls. :)

Friday, April 25, 2008

The Sparkle Lounge

Taken by Weatherman90 at North Dakota State Fair Def Leppard Concert, 2007-07-26Image via WikipediaDef Leppard's mini site for their upcoming release, Songs from the Sparkle Lounge, is now up and running.

On it, they have previews of all the songs from the release along with the video for their new single, Nine Lives. At first listen, I like about half of them. But that's no unusual for me. More often than not, I tend to like songs the more I listen to them.

They also have a Guitar Hero III contest you can enter to win some prizes, I assume to commemorate the release of three of their songs on Guitar Hero III: Nine Lives, along with two live (older "classic" tracks) Photograph and Rock of Ages.

The general consensus on the Guitar Hero III forums is that the quality is crap. I downloaded the songs and I have to agree. The instruments on the two lives tracks are a little difficult to hear and the volume on Nine Lives seems to increased and decrease at various times during the song. I don't know what Activision did to the songs, but I know they don't sound that bad.

Cool web site

I stole... err... borrowed this cool link from someone else's blog:

It's very informative.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

All 120 Crayon Names, Color Codes and Fun Facts

You really need to know all this stuff about Crayons. Really, you did. :)
Crayons have replaced paints as the common means of filling in coloring books.Image via Wikipedia
For the last 100 years or so kids have been exploring and creating worlds of color with Crayons. For a lot of us, our life long love affairs with color began with these wax sticks and a blank sheet of paper. Here we go down crayon color memory lane with all 120 color names and hex codes, fun facts and photos.

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Biggest RC Airplane Competition in the World (VIDEO+PICS)

This story is givin' me the R/C itch! Can't wait for calmer weather to take the Super Cub up.
Top Gun 2008, the 20th anniversary edition of the biggest RC model competition in the world, starts tomorrow. Five days of pure nerdgasm watching the most stunning, biggest and best remote control aircraft in the planet. The ultimate toys this side of a real fighter jet.

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Corel Donates Painter X to Oakland Student Art Charity

Here's a story about some interesting stuff we're doing to get Painter into the hands of students. Check out the art show if you're in Oakland on May 2 - sounds like it'll be pretty nice!

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