Wednesday, February 28, 2007

How Many of Me
LogoThere are:
people with my name
in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?

The weirdest part of my statistics is this:
  • 99.64 percent of people with the first name Scott are male.
I've never known a female named Scott. Has anyone ever known a female named Scott?

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Hershey's Closing Smith's Falls Plant

This is old news, but still worth mentioning.

Hershey's is planning on closing the Smith's Falls plant, and moving its operations to Mexico to cut costs. I have nothing against Mexico, but I think the quality of the products currently produced at the Smith's Falls plant will fall after this happens.

I've never had great faith with online petitions, but here's one -- it can't hurt to sign it if you're against the closure.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Anna-Nicole Smith

I am in no way implying that Anna-Nicole Smith was a horse, but the media is certainly beating one -- especially shows like Entertainment Tonight.

How many times can they run the same stories, the same interviews, the same court footage, over and over again? Do people really like seeing them repeatedly?

Her death was certainly a tragedy, but give it a rest already!

Canon PowerShot S3 IS

I got a new digital camera yesterday -- a Canon PowerShot S3 IS. I have been wanting a new camera for a while. One of my co-workers got one of these a couple of months ago. After seeing it, all the features it had, and some pictures that she had taken with it, I knew that this was the one I wanted.

My wife and I both got our profit sharing last week, so my wife said she'd pay half for it if I wanted it. Since it was on sale at Best Buy, it seemed like a good time to pick one up.

After having about an hour to play with it before we left for the hockey game, I took it with me to the game and snapped a bunch of photos.

This camera is loaded with features. Probably way more than most people need, but it's perfect for me.

My last camera was a Panasonic DMC-LC33. It was a great little camera, and still is. But I needed something with optical image stabilization, for one thing. I also wanted something with better macro. I can't tell you how many times I ended up with blurry macro shots because I held the camera just a little too close. The Canon lets you get up to ZERO distance from an object.

Senators 6 - Sabres 5

Great game last night with a couple of good fights. :)

Admittedly, the Senators were lucky to win that one. Despite the Sabres missing a handful of key players, they played a strong game to keep coming back.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Space Services

I got a reply from the lady at Space Services about the error on the customers declaration sticker, and the fact that I had to pay customs fees on incorrect info.

She apologized profusely and said they would refund the amount to me, and also sent me a real picture of the star I had dedicated to my wife that I could print out. They normally charge $19.95 for that.

It was a nice gesture when all I really wanted was the money back that I paid for customs fees.

She added that they rarely make such mistakes, as they have with my order. I believe it. I couldn't see them staying in business for very long if they made that many. :)

I got a confirmation that the amount was refunded to my credit card about 2 hours later.

Sens vs Slugs - Part 2

Someone on my team at work won 2 tickets for tomorrow night's Sens vs Sabres game at Scotiabank Place. Unfortunately for her, she already has plans. So, she held a little raffle within our team to give them away and I won. :)

They're Club (100) Level Suite tickets. My wife is pretty excited about going. It'll be our first hockey game this year. We went to quite a few games last year, all with free/won tickets except for one game.

Should be a good game!